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Why choose Siebel & Siebel to manage your property?

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Property Management Proposal

Prepared by Sue Siebel, Director - Siebel & Siebel

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For you... our valued client.

For any property... anywhere in the greater Metropolitan Adelaide.


Property Management today is no longer a matter of merely collecting rents and attending to routine maintenance of properties, though these are significant tasks in themselves. The object of management today is to provide a skilled service enabling the property owner to receive maximum return on his investment. Of particular importance is that the professional manager is adept at promoting good tenant relationships without sacrificing or prejudicing the Owner’s position or investment.

There are so many special skills and talents necessary to successfully manage a property and Siebel & Siebel rely strongly on a teamwork ethic to carry out the task efficiently and effectively - each person on the team utilises his/her own special expertise so that the total knowledge and experience of the team can be economically employed in a professional manner, ensuring the best results for all concerned.

To provide a skilled service which enables the property owner to receive maximum return on his investment, it is necessary for the property manager to be aware of the current trends in management. Our management portfolio is such that our personnel are able to keep up with all current trends within the field of property management.

Why choose Siebel & Siebel to manage your property?

Siebel & Siebel currently manages an extensive range of residential properties in the Adelaide Metropolitan and adjacent areas.

The company is also a member of the Real Estate Institute of South Australia and the Society of Auctioneers and Appraisers S.A. Inc.

Our staff are experienced and qualified property management specialists who pride themselves on a “hands on” personal approach to their work.

Directors / Principals

Chris Siebel & Sue Siebel

Staff Listing


 Tayla Pett

Residential Property Manager
Melanie Green

Property Officer
Anthony Young


Chris Siebel

Sue Siebel

Siebel & Siebel employs the services of two experienced Residential Property Managers all adept at every aspect of Residential Property Management. Megan Hicks and Anthony Young are available and willing to answer any questions you may have with regards to the management of your property or you can ask any of our other staff who are always willing to help.

Siebel & Siebel will provide the following services:

  1. Determine a rent based on experience and market research and review rent as the market changes.
  2. Advertise the property and select qualified tenants after checking previous rental history and references, credit history if possible, employment history and other aspects as applicable to the individual applicant. Siebel & Siebel as a Member of the Real Estate Institute of SA also has access to a National Tenancy Data Base that registers “Bad Tenants” and is contributed to by all member companies and affiliated Eastern States companies.
  3. Secure the tenancy by facilitating the signing of a Residential Tenancy Agreement using a prescribed Society of Auctioneers & Appraisers S.A. Inc document.
  4. Collect a Security Bond and hold in accordance with legislative requirements.
  5. Complete a detailed Property Condition Report and/or Inventory which records the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is referred to when
  6. carrying out the Final Bond Inspection.
  7. Carry out an initial inspection, including a written report, at regular three monthly intervals or as instructed.
  8. Arrange minor maintenance repairs, obtain quotes for and supervise any larger maintenance jobs if required.
  9. Payment of Rates, Taxes , Strata Levies and any other incidental expenses if required.
  10. Provide a Monthly Income and Expenditure Statement and upon request supply an End of Financial Year Summary statement.
  11. Attending any Tribunal hearings and acting in accordance with the determination of the Tribunal.


We believe our company has established a reputation for skilled management expertise with highly motivated personnel. The standard of service provided is directly reflected in maintaining your property to it’s highest and best use in relation to physical and financial management with subsequent benefits to you in operation policies, financial information and income flow.

We should not however be seen as offering Management Services in isolation. We consider that a fundamental aspect of our portfolio management is maximising the investment performance of your property.

We would welcome the opportunity of acting for you in the future and look forward to your favourable consideration of our services.

Yours sincerely,
Sue Siebel
Principal / Director

Siebel & Siebel
Your Property People

Questions Invariably Asked By Owners

Yes, the owner, or through their agent, can personally select the tenant they think is most suitable. The owner may instruct the agent to secure a tenant with certain characteristics ie. professional couple etc, in preference to others. The effect of being too selective however may limit the number of prospective tenants suitable for the home and delay the renting of the home.

One of the conditions of the tenancy agreement is that the tenant permits the owner to inspect the property at any time during the tenancy provided however the owner has given the tenant
reasonable notice, in accordance with the tenancy act.
Owners right of entry:

For the purpose of inspecting the premises or any other purpose on a day at a reasonable hour, specified in a notice given to the tenant not less than seven days in advance.
The above applies unless the situation is an emergency where inspection is required.

It is most common in the rental of residential properties that tenancies are arranged for a fixed period, ie 6 months or 12 months etc, these being negotiated at the commencement and expiry of each period. The tenant is responsible for both the property and the rent during that time and cannot break the tenancy agreement without the owners consent. Otherwise homes can be tenanted on a periodic tenancy agreement and concluded by the tenants giving three weeks notice in writing, generally this arrangement is more popular with flat and unit rental on the lower end of the market or holiday accommodation.

Termination depends on the type of tenancy in existence. In the case of a periodic tenancy, termination is effected by issuing a notice in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1985. In cases of a fixed term tenancy ie 6 or 12 months, these can only be terminated at the conclusion of the period or in cases of default, if the default is not remedied notice to quit proceedings can commence.

The owner is responsible for payment of Council, Water, Sewerage and Drainage rates, Land Tax and all corporate charges.
The tenant is responsible for phone and power charges incurred after the date of possession.

For single dwellings, the tenant is invoiced for and pays the water consumption and supply charges, based on usage.
For group dwellings water consumption is usually covered through the owners Strata Levies.

Under the terms of the tenancy agreement both the owner and the tenant are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the property.
The owner agrees to keep the property is good tenantable condition and the tenant agrees to maintain it in that way and accordance with the original condition report at the commencement of occupation.
Full working details on such appliances as pool filters, air conditioning, hot water system, reticulation should be supplied.

The question of what constitutes damage and what is considered acceptable wear and tear is always an issue in property management.
In cases of damage attributable to a property by a tenant not considered normal wear and tear, the tenancy agreement states the tenant is liable for maintenance of the property and to make good any damages at their own expense.
Under normal circumstances the bond will provide sufficient protection to remedy any damages, however if not, the owner can take civil action through the Courts for damages against the tenant. An insurance policy covering malicious damage by tenants and rent protection is offered by most real estate agents.

One of the prescribed duties of a managing agent is to regularly inspect the property during the term of the tenancy and forward a report on their findings to the owner.
Inspections are carried out at regular three month intervals during the tenancy. Other inspections can also be arranged by giving the tenants the correct notice of your intention to inspect.

A clause of the tenancy agreement is that owners keep their properties adequately insured. Probably the most important insurance today is public liability. We strongly urge the owner to check their current policy to ensure thy have full coverage for public liability and also that their policy covers floor coverings, light fittings, window treatments and fusion. These will not be included unless specifically requested by them for a tenanted home.

Siebel & Siebel can also organise a comprehensive Landlords Protection Policy on your behalf to safeguard against unforeseen circumstances with problem tenants.

Tenants do not bring mail in as often as would be appreciated and mail is therefore mislaid. It is suggested that if you have not already advised the Post Office that you do so in order that they redirect the mail for you.

We prefer not pay mortgages on behalf of owners. If the property for some reason is vacant for any length of time there is no income and if the mortgage is not paid on time there is usually an overdue penalty rate. We suggest that you arrange at least one or two payments with the bank and have rental payments paid into this account.


Professional Fees and Charges  
Management fee: 7.7% of gross rentals collected
Letting/Reletting fee: The equivalent of 1 week rent plus GST
Extension fee: The equivalent of half weeks rent plus GST
Lease Preparation fee: $44.00
Routine Inspection fee: $16.50 
Tribunal Attendance: $66.00
Insurance Claims: $55.00
Advertising: As charged to the Agent by the used medium
Postage & Petties: $4.40
No Charge  
Maintenance: Only as invoiced to the Landlord via the Agent
Furniture Inventory's  
After hours attendance  













*Fees are calculated on potential rental returns therefore we do require an individual discussion to determine costs. Please note attached fee schedule is only to be used as a guide.

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